1) Upstream Technology

          (a) Petroleum Exploration Engineering

          (b) Petroleum Geology and Remote Sensing

          (c) Drilling Engineering

          (d) Reservoir Engineering

          (e) Production Engineering

2) Downstream Technology

          (a) Chemical Engineering Fundamentals

          (b) Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering

          (c) Petrochemical Engineering

          (d) Polymer Physics and Processing

          (e) Polymerization Technologies

          (f) Oil Refinery

          (g) Reaction Engineering and Catalysis

          (h) Process Safety and Risk Management

          (i) Electrochemistry and Electrochemical Engineering

3) Energy

          (a) Energy/Exergy Analysis

          (b) Energy Optimization Analysis

          (c) Production, Transportation and Storage

          (d) Conventional and Unconventional Energy Sources

                (e) Energy Transition

          (f)  moving towards Gas based and renewables

4) Environment

          (a) Impacts of Industries on the Environment

          (b) Carbon Reduction and Utilization

          (c) Waste Management

          (d) Life Cycle Assessment

          (e) Environmental Conservation and Preservation

          (f) Energy & Environment Management and Sustainability

          (g) Health, Safety and Environment

          (h) Corporate Social Responsibility

5) other

          (a) Managing the HR

          (b) Marketing

          (c) Finance

          (d) Operations

          (e) Logistics and Supply Chain in Oil and Gas organizations