The 3rd International Biennial Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical Conference (OGPC2020) will be held to focus on the upstream and downstream technologies of oil, energy and the environment to achieve the following goals:

  • Monitoring the latest scientific and industrial findings and achievements in the field of upstream and downstream technologies in oil, energy, and environment.

  • A gathering of academics and industry experts in the field of upstream and downstream technologies in oil, energy and the environment to share knowledge, promote and deliver industry-specific experiences, research and inventions.

  • Holding specialized panels with industry experts and academic elites to analyze problems and provide solutions.

  • Strengthen the attitude of environmental protection and sustainable development.

  • Developing university-industry interactions.

  • Strengthening the network of upstream and downstream oil, energy and environmental technology specialists in Iran's energy capital.

  • Strengthening Persian Gulf University's effective relationship with universities and institutions in the field of oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

  • Strengthening the academic and industrial communication network with Iranian researchers and experts, and Persian Gulf University graduates working at domestic and foreign universities and internationally accredited companies.

  • Introducing capacities of Bushehr province and Persian Gulf University in Eco-Industrial Tourism.