Dear reasearcher,

The table below shows the conference registration fees.



Participant (Student)

500,000 IRR

Participant (Regular)

1,200,000 IRR


1,500,000 IRR

Author with more than 2 article (for each article)

1,000,000 IRR


Based on their course


Please pay attention to the following points regarding registration:

- If a single author has different articles from two user accounts, each is considered separately.

- After sending the article to the referee, it will not be possible to change the article account to another person. Therefore, be careful before sending.

- Pay of the fees will be done after the final acceptance of articles and through the payment link of Persian Gulf University. How to pay is explained below.

- The deadline for registration in the conference is December 1, 2020.

- If you are using student discount (row 1 of the table above), you must send the image of your student card along with the payment confirmation to the email of the conference secretariat.


Very important:

To pay for the conference, you must follow the steps below:

1- Through the registration menu, Enter to the payment link page .

2- Click on the payment gateway link.

3- Calculate your registration fee based on the table above and fill in the required fields.

4- Enter to the electronic payment portal of the bank and make the payment.

5- Save the payment confirmation  as .pdf or .jpeg file and send it to the conference email (

Thank you for your participation in the 3rd International Biennial Oil, Gas and petrochemicals Conference and wish you success in all stages of education and science.

 Secretariat of the 3rd International Biennial Conference on Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals